About Us
C2C Coaching
C2C Coaching is committed to excellence in providing outstanding coaching, consulting and training for individuals and businesses and dedicated to creating positive and sustainable change.
About Courage to Change
Having lived on two continents and worked in several different fields (from small companies to big corporations) required a permanent change and adaptation to new environments and she has always managed to do this smiling and with such easiness that people wanted to find out her secret.
There is no secret that could be taught, just a little help that could make you take control of your personal and professional life in such a way that it would make change an exciting endeavour.
C2C Coaching is here to offer you this help in order for you to reach greatness in every aspect of your life.
The company was founded in 2012 by
Gabriela Nitu
. It was her passion to help people that made her realize
Courage To Change
that all her life and work experiences could be an excellent starting point in this venture.